Code of conduct

1. Use only trails and roads with known provable vehicle rights, and permissions. Always pay all legal fees.
2. Travel at a controlled orderly pace. Drive as slow as is practical, and as fast as is necessary within governing laws.
3. Ensure your vehicle is serviceable prior to use, and roadworthy,
4. At all times comply with the requirements of the traffic act and regulations, and observe road courtesy, even when on private land.
5. The use of alcohol by the driver or any of his passengers on or a trail / track / public road / private road is prohibited. Any one suspected of the use of alcohol before starting a event will not be permitted to partake in the event.
6. Be critical of your own abilities and equipment. You always have the right to refuse the route / track.
7. Never commit yourself, your family, or your vehicle to anything or any situation you are not comfortable with. Ask for assistance where needed. Don’t ever feel embarrassed.
8. Be courteous to other trail / track / road users.
9. Keep children under close control, both within your vehicle and outside of it.
10. Respect local water supplies at all times and prevent any contamination thereof

The commercial sale or marketing of products and services by members or individuals within the Club is prohibited without the written approval of the Management Committee.