Suzuki 4×4 Club Ribbokkloof June 2019

Our winter camping 4×4 weekend was a real winter camping event! It was very cold, as we have warned it would be! Ice on the tents when we woke up, a reality! Daytime was pleasant. The 4×4 trail Ribbokkloof had a bit of everything for everyone. We had great bush TV channels to watch that also warmed us up. It was a great experience and we all learnt a lot about camping in the winter and how to do it better next time! Another great passionate Suzuki 4×4 weekend out in nature! We have once again experienced “Our Way Of Life” #SuzukiSA @SuzukiSA #Jimny #BecauseJimny #SuzukiAutoClubSouthAfrica #wizerd #FrontRunner #Oppositelockza #ToughDog #Ribbokkloof @Ribbokkloof

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