Suzuki 4×4 Club SA Lesotho Trip 9 to 12 August 2018

Our trip started in Heidelberg early on 9 August 2018. We travelled the not normal roads to our first nights destination in Underburg. It was a long drive and we arrived in a very cold and chilly Underburg. We had to split up between 2 lodges for the night. The second group stayed 30km further away higher up in the mountains. Snow started falling at 22h00 and the next morning we were trapped in our lodge by lots of trees that could not cope with the unusual amount of snow and fell onto our roads blocking us. We had to move trees, and use a chain saw to cut the larger trees so that we can reach the main group. But Sani Pass, here we come!

To get to the SA Border post was an unusual and slippery challenge on its own. When we reached the Sani pass, it was covered in an approximately 30 cm blanket of snow. The Jimny’s was first up through the SA Border post into Sani Pass. According to the GPS system we got to 800 m from the Lesotho Border post. We could not see much as it was snowing a lot. Conditions got dangerous with ice forming below the slipping tyres and the group decided to turn around. The Police arrived on their test run for the pass and they have decided to close the pass.

We all arrived safely back at the SA Border. The road was extremely busy as a LOT of other vehicles arrived to drive the Sani Pass in the snow. It was a no go, gates closed, too dangerous. Our Suzuki 4×4 drivers just smiled proudly……. They have already been up Sani and nearly reached the top.

The trip down the now “Slippery muddy roads’ from the SA Border Post became a real interesting challenge with all the “Peak Hour” traffic. Lots of larger vehicles battled to get down without sliding and getting stuck. All the Suzuki’s made it effortlessly.
Now we had a problem. Our accommodation was in Lesotho at the Katse Dam, 38 people, and we could not get there. We had to make alternative arrangements for the night and we planned another route for the next day. Luckily the Suzuki 4×4 club SA did a reccie 3 weeks ago for a plan B route, just in case. We still went into Lesotho and still had lots of FUN!
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