About Suzuki Auto Club SA

Suzuki Auto Club SA is the brain child of Monty Montgomery and Jaco Nel, with the vision to create a Suzuki Community where all Suzuki owners can meet and communicate through a central portal. The idea is to unite all Suzuki owners and enthusiasts. The venture was started in November 2009 and evolved into one of the biggest Suzuki 4×4 groups in the country. In 2022 we introduced the Suzuki shop, where you can find club apparel and all the items to make your Jimny more comfortable.

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The Suzuki 4×4

Come and join a Suzuki 4×4 training day and find out what your Suzuki 4×4 can do. Learn new skills, your Suzuki do’s and don’ts and experience the amazing off-road capability your Suzuki has. Guided by experienced Suzuki Auto Club guides, pushing your vehicle and yourself to the very limits of possibility, this is the chance for you to improve your skills in an exciting, yet safe environment. Attend a Suzuki 4×4 training day alone or with family and friends. Suzuki 4×4 training days are currently available in Gauteng and can be arranged nationwide for groups of 10 or more.

Prices starts from R1000 for a driver and R500 for a companion. Contact us now to book your Suzuki 4×4 training !

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